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Patients in Need of a Will

If you are a medical professional working in a hospital, you probably know of a patient who has a need to create a will. Whether that patient is nearing the end of his or her life, just thinking ahead, or even perhaps just feeling nervous, having a competent wills and estates lawyer’s contact information on hand could go far to set any patient at ease.

Creating a will is often vital to a patient’s emotional well-being and composure, but hospitals and/or the medical professionals working with patients do not always have access to a competent will lawyer whose information can be passed on to the concerned patient. Stress can play a huge part in the health of any patient, and, if only for the sake of anxious patients, this problem should be remedied.

When a patient is in need of legal counsel, medical professionals should have someone that they really trust to recommend for their patient, and that is where Thomas J. Clarke, Attorney-At-Law comes in. Having been a wills and estates lawyer for over 30 years, Tom has plenty of experience helping people young and old to create wills.

Tom has proven that he lives up to his promises: he returns all client calls promptly and arranges meetings quickly and with flexibility, he addresses every client’s questions or concerns, he treats clients with respect and courtesy, and – of course – keeps all client discussions completely confidential.

Everyone who has assets and/or dependents needs a will. Tom can give your patients a comprehensive will that provides for the protection and well-being of surviving family members, names responsible parties to care for assets of children, spouses, and other loved ones, and safeguards against unnecessary state involvement. You would be helping to put your patients’ minds at ease by recommending Thomas J. Clarke if they ask for an estates lawyer.

Tom is a skillful wills and estates lawyer to recommend to anyone in need of a will, and often those people most desperate for a helpful and respectful wills and estates lawyer are apprehensive hospital patients. He is conveniently located at 30 Linden Place, Red Bank, NJ 07701, so you can easily come in for an in-person consultation, or you can call him at (732) 530-3888 and arrange a meeting at whatever hospital you or the patient you know is restricted to.